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The Wright recognizes the doers. Outdoor-inspired founders. Their companies are hatched not on the whiteboard but on the trail or around the campfire, perhaps over a whiskey. They are that unique breed of leader. The kind to bet on instinct over conventional wisdom. Principled and courageous. Committed to a purpose beyond the bottom line. The first-to-the-barnraising type. You know them. They are just The Wright type.

Nominations will be open through December 31, 2018.

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Inspired by hard working, independent-minded men and women of the Rocky Mountain Region, The Wright brings 3 days of discussions, workshops, keynotes and events all culminating in the high-energy, much-anticipated Award Night program.


About The Contenders

"From the beginning, it was never about the pizza, the passion was about riding our bikes in Fruita. It was all about creating a culture and a community that we wanted to live in."

Jen Zeuner & Anne Keller, Co-Founders, The Hot Tomato

Each year, Something Independent embarks on a mission to assemble a new class of Wright contenders. These companies and their founders draw inspiration from the outdoors and share a deep connection to the Rocky Mountain West. They make the things and design the stuff that help move us into and through the outdoors. The commitment to their craft is evident. Their success comes earned.



The Wright is not an award you apply for. Contenders come via a nomination from their peers. Selected annually from over 100 nominees, each year’s class of is made up of a diverse collection of approximately 12 companies. Many are small, but some are large by comparison. Many are newer, yet some are quite established. They draw their inspiration from the outdoors and share a deep connection to the Rocky Mountain West. They make the things and design the stuff that help move us into and through the outdoors. Evident in their work product is an unyielding commitment to their craft. Any trust and success that they have realized, has come earned. Nominate today


Since its inception in 2011, The Wright has recognized 98 companies, representing 36 towns and 3 Rocky Mountain states. These are real people and real work, hailing from real communities. They subscribe to the notion that if you put your head down, do good work and surround yourself with good people, that success will follow -- Voormi. Flylow. Fishpond. Deerhammer Distilling Co. Bonsai Design. Big Agnes. Hala Gear. Corbeaux. Icelantic Skis. Boa Technology. Ross Reels. Oskar Blues Brewing Co. Yeti Cycles. Rapidgrass Bluegrass Festival. Ouray Ice Park. Cotopaxi. Colorado Yurt Company. Eldorado Climbing Walls. Sarabella Fishing. South Main Co. Topo Designs. Vintage Overland. Optic Nerve. Western Rise. Mountain States Snowcats. To name a few.


The Wright program and Award Night are held in the heart of downtown Golden, as well as on the campus of Colorado School of Mines.

“Golden was founded over 150 years ago by entrepreneurs with adventurous spirits, and it continues to attract like-minded people today; from miners, brewers, ski and bike manufacturers, to scientists and engineers. They share a sense of determination, a desire to innovate, and a love for the outdoors. The Wright represents all of these great things, and we are excited to host this unique summit and award program here in Golden, and to join in the discussions and celebrations for our community of outdoor-inspired innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Marjorie Sloan, Mayor of Golden

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