Tuesday, May 1 at 1:30pm

How We Tell Our Story Matters

Located at Table Mountain Inn | Del Rio room (1310 Washington Avenue, Golden, Colorado 80401)

Organizations, especially those in the outdoor-industry, have a backstory. Many times it’s a founder’s compelling highlights surrounding the origin story of how they ‘saw a better way’. So what do we do with it and how do we make backstory perform at each stage of business growth? How is backstory relevant as a way to connect to audiences (remembering that employees and customers are buying your future-vision as well as your past-performance)? Within M&A, how does backstory thoughtfully merge/scale into a company’s post-acquisition narrative? In this 90-minute workshop, Marc Gutman provides the theory, refinement exercises and tools to develop a plan that integrates backstory into businesses’ big initiatives.



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