Thursday, May 3 at 11:30am

Trust, Truth & Transition with Floyd Landis

Located at American Mountaineering Center | Foss Auditorium (710 10th Street, Golden, Colorado 80401)

After what remains possibly the most spectacular single-day ride in cycling history, it was revealed that Floyd Landis had failed the drug test he’d taken after that magical Stage 17 at the Tour de France. He was later stripped of his 2006 title and banned from the sport for 2-years. Nearly four years later he would send the most consequential email of his life that went into detail, year by year, how he and other members of the United States Postal Service team had used illegal performance-enhancing drugs and methods to dominate the sport of cycling and claim victories at the sport’s premier event, the Tour de France. He then hit an all-time-low, his days spent in a foggy haze, recently divorced, home-foreclosure, drinking, double-strength painkillers. His life was completely upside down and he was not prepared for any of it. But he was determined to get back on his feet. In 2016 he launch a CBD business, Floyd’s of Leadville, to treat athletes with opioid-free creams, tinctures and softgels to quell sport induced inflammation and pain. In April of 2018, he successfully settled the whistleblower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, but added, “it was an utter failure” because ultimately little has changed with the sport. When asked how he felt about being considered among the best cyclists in history. “I don’t care, and I don’t even want to be on the fucking list,” he said. “Leave me out of it.”



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